Post Event Summary: Launching docuvita Document Management System in the Greek Market


Early in November, HumanI and docuvita hosted the first Human Resources (HR) Digital Transformation event in Athens/Greece. It was a huge success. More than 60 HR Managers from leading Enterprises came together to explore the future of HR in the digital era. The event provided the audience with clarity and insights on achieving positive transformation in the workplace with the docuvita document management system (DMS).

Grigoris Lemonis (HumanI) brought his experiences as an HR Recruiter and HR Director, discussing the structure of the HR departments today and the technologies they should use in order to evolve to a strategic business partner. His speech presented the current HR teams as overburdened administrative departments that still work with paper and Excel sheets, without strategic weight. Rather than push against digital personnel files and therefore the automation of HR processes, he encourages harnessing the technologies to explore the digital possibilities to promote themselves to strategic business partners. For example, the docuvita DMS provides easy ways to boost connectivity between employees, automation of HR processes and above all the possibility of making informed decisions about HR strategies. Coming to the conclusion that digitalization doesn’t detract from HR values – it offers new pathways for those values to be upheld.

docuvita presented how its DMS supports the digitization of personnel files throughout the HR processes and thus enables the automation of many administrative, like On-boarding and Off-boarding, that were previously handled manually. This leads to a reduction in the workload of HR teams and concentration on strategically important aspects, like recruiting, employee development and company structure.

docuvita DMS renders the HR able to adapt easily to the new generation employee way of life, the talent market and competition, causing a more productive, efficient and healthy working environment. Ultimately, the HR departments are empowered by docuvita evolving to a true business partner within the company.

We wanted to share some of the highlights with you through photos, as a picture speaks a thousand words.

HR Digital Transformation Event, Athens/Greece Marcus Ehrenburg, Grigoris Lemonis, HR Digital Transformation Event, Athens/Greece Grigoris Lemonis, HR Digital Transformation Event, Athens/Greece


So, what did we learn? Overall, here are the key takeaways: 

  • Awareness of individual, social and organizational needs are paramount for effective, meaningful transformation.
  • HR departments are poorly equipped technologically. The docuvita DMS makes the digitization of personnel files easy.
  • Digitizing employee files will allow the automation of routine activities in the HR teams. This will create space for strategic tasks, such as employee and organizational development.
  • Digital Transformation Strategy is vital for turning the HR departments into strategic business partners of their organizations.

If you are interested in digitalizing your HR processes, then do one of the following things (or all of them):

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  • Connect with Us on Linkedin to keep you update with all the developments
  • Contact me directly – especially if you’re interested in showcasing docuvita document management in the HR departments.


Maria Argyti, International Business Development Strategist, docuvita GmbH & Co. KG