OCR-based Form Recognition
With the docuvita ClickProfiler.

docuvita has powerful OCR functions for automatic text recognition in scanned documents. The same technique is used for the docuvita OCR form recognition. Thus, it is possible to transfer document data from forms manually or automatically as metadata into the document management system.

The docuvita.ClickProfiler offers an optimal solution for small businesses with a low volume of documents. You can allocate and manually save documents recognized by OCR in the document management system with a few clicks and without a large set-up effort.

And If the Number of Documents Increases?

For larger companies with a medium and high volume of documents, we recommend using our special solutions for fully automatic or automatic document recognition. These are specially adapted to your individual requirements and thus help to drastically reduce the processing costs of paper documents.

If you would like to know how docuvita’s OCR-based form recognition works and how your company can benefit from the automatic capturing of paper documents, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to show you the system as part of a docuvita demonstration. Contact us.

Information about the docuvita.Autoprofiler…