Mapping of Individual Workflows

The docuvita.WorkflowServer is an optional server component that can be used to realize individual workflows. It forms the basis for follow-ups or release processes.

In order to ensure the highest possible degree of optimization of workflows, we customize the workflows to your wishes and needs. The key points below include possible function blocks that can be connected to each other individually.

The personal task list of a user shows all the workflow steps. All display options, selection options and processes can be freely modeled. External software (ERP / CRM systems) can also be integrated via API and database cooperations. All workflow actions are recorded in the event log and can be followed later.

The Basis of the Workflow Module: Tasks and Actions

User-related tasks:

  • The user performs the tasks within the docuvita DMS system
  • Confirmation / status assignment and comments can be entered
  • Task refers to files, folders, document, or individual document versions
  • External actions
  • Actions can be integrated as a plugin module into the system
  • External actions perform operations in other systems / databases
  • Expandable and customizable to the customer system

Workflows can be started automatically or manually:

  • Automatically when certain documents are delivered
    Example: Own delivery notes with signatures are to be scanned. Each delivery note starts a workflow for processing invoices.
  • Manually if a document is to run through a particular process in a user-controlled manner
    Example: information, approval, task assignment