Automatic Archiving.
Simply Automate Your Document Storage.

With automatic archiving, you can archive your outgoing documents directly from your merchandise management system or ERP system in docuvita – in operation and always up to date. This makes manual import or even double counting of master data obsolete.

Such a solution can be implemented with virtually any system that allows you to customize your outgoing documents using a form designer. The fully automatic storage is realized via a secondary print in the PDF/A-format intended for long-term archiving.

You Decide How You Work

Alternatively, you can create a separate control file in addition to the actual document. The docuvita document management system can automatically process and assign the document via the data contained in the document or the control file.

With the help of an information query in the ERP system, additional metadata can automatically be used for keywording the document.

Customizable Interfaces

Almost any merchandise management or ERP system can be connected to docuvita by the docuvita.AutoProfiler. If your system is not compatible with an already existing interface, we will develop a customized interface for your company and enable you to archive automatically.

Contact us directly to check the feasibility in your individual environment.

You want to search and retrieve the documents from your merchandise management or ERP system directly? We will tell you how this works and what benefits you can get from docuvita. Please contact us.

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