Automated Document Processing

With the docuvita.AutoProfiler you can automatically import documents. It receives the files to be processed via folders or e-mail boxes, evaluates them on the basis of different, individually coordinated procedures, enriches the acquired data via other applications or databases and creates rule-based templates for the archive structure. Finally, the docuvita.AutoProfiler transfers the document with the information and the planned structure for archiving to the docuvita.Server. The information is automatically made available for keywording documents, facilitating the fast retrieval even in highly complex archive structures.

The docuvita.Autoprofiler allows your employees to create new archiving rules at comparatively low effort. Thus, new document types can be automatically recorded in the future without any additional effort.

Let Us Advise You!

For every format, whether scanned, digital or as an attachment to an e-mail, suitable evaluation possibilities can be found and the processing can be automated. We will be pleased to advise you, to suit your individual requirements and needs.