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The number of business documents in smaller companies may be many times fewer than at multinationals, but they have much fewer resources.
Here at docuvita, we took the challenge back in 2004 and developed the docuvita document management system to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with managing any type of document, coming from any source. However, above all we developed an affordable system to be so intuitive that doesn’t require any skillset to use and can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual company.
The past few years SMEs have been growing their technological footprint, creating the necessity for the docuvita document management system to be integrated with any other application and hardware within the company. It allows all the documents and content to be stored in one single place. But collecting documents and data in one source is only the first step. It has never been more important to harness the power of data to reduce costs, make smarter decisions and improve collaboration. In docuvita we have managed to reduce up to 60% the work time of employees connected with managing documents like Filing, Storing, Search, and Versioning. On top we added security features to control the access level of each employee to the document while tracking who did what and when.

Certificate confirming security of docuvita document management system for SMEs
A document management system for SMEs is also important to comply with regulations and security requirements. Our portfolio of products and solutions is tailored to meet this challenge. From e-Invoicing, ISO, Quality Management to GDPR, docuvita’s data-centric solutions are built to store and manage your documents in a secure and legislative compliant way automatically.

We fully support any business workflow so as to automate the processes but also boost collaboration. docuvita document management system is available on the web, your mobile devices, business and personal computers to make it easier to work and thus staying compliant and productive.


Today we count more than 1000 satisfied customers in Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, Education and Healthcare. 85% are small and medium-sized companies! They adopted the docuvita management system and today they realize the benefits of reducing document handling costs, boost productivity and reduce operational/regulatory compliance costs.
As we are also a medium-sized company, we know what a document management system for SMEs must be like. The average SME doesn’t have an IT department or the knowledge to implement and fully utilize a document management system. This is why we rely on our partners to literally handhold our customers to customize docuvita to their specific needs and also support them so they can focus only to run their business.
We never stop researching and seeking innovative solutions – that means we’re prepared for whatever the future of documents and data looks like. We continually invest in adding functionality and keeping up to satisfy the needs of each and every customer.

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