Digital File.
Automatically. Immediately Convincing.

Create links to your data-containing applications. These can be, for example, merchandise management, ERP, PPS or CRM systems. The available data can be used for automatic creation and keywording of files in docuvita.

Your advantage: The digital file linked in this way is always up-to-date and does not need to be manually updated. Changes to the master data in the leading system are accepted automatically and immediately. This procedure saves you a considerable administrative burden.

Versatile and Flexible

LieferantenakteCustomer files and supplier files: Archive framework contracts, common correspondence, documents, invoices and delivery notes. Optimize your customer and supplier contact in no time.

PersonalaktePersonnel files: Protect your organization’s sensitive data, such as applications and employer references, from unauthorized access. But make them quickly available when needed.

Buchhaltungsakte (€)Accounting files: Whether as a single solution or in combination with an accounting software, you can archive your incoming and outgoing invoices with legal conformity.

ProjektakteProject files: Organize project plans and calculations at a central place. So, you keep your staff up-to-date – from team to team and even if different companies are involved.

ProduktionsakteProduction files: Archive automatically all documents regarding production, like drawings, work cards, production orders, test reports and measurement reports.

EntwicklungsakteDevelopment files: Save drawings and construction plans of a development process. This way, you can always track who made which changes and when.

Geräteakte (Maschine)Device files: Provide manuals, maintenance documents and leasing contracts of your devices. This gives you a great overview.

PatientenaktePatient files: In the health care system, a large number of documents is created, which must be safely filed and forwarded.

Your files are not present here? No problem – we also handle your files according to your individual needs. Contact us and get free advice.

Optionally Expandable

You can connect several systems without restrictions and use different files. For example, you define just once which files you want to transfer automatically from your ERP or CRM system. These can be, for example, customer, supplier or personnel files. The system then carries out the further work for you. But not only that. A later expansion with other file types or even the connection to other systems can be realized easily.

The file management is done in docuvita similar to your usual workflow. Take a certain file out of your digital filing cabinet and find all the information you need. If you no longer need the file, put it back.

Simultaneous Access for Everyone

In contrast to the previous work with paper-based file folders, all authorized users can access any digital file in parallel – independent from its place and terminal device.

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