Archive quickly and legally compliant.

Did you know that not only invoices are subject to legal retention periods? These periods also apply to all commercial letters as well as to accounting-relevant data. Legal retention periods can be important even for documents that do not seem to be relevant at first glance. Examples are Excel-tables to calculate traveling costs or overtime.

These documents must be secured in their (electronic) original form to make the calculations transparent at any time. Documents in paper form can be electronically captured (scanned) and thus permanently archived securely with legal certainty.

Digital Correspondence

Do you and your employees always check whether your digital correspondence contains commercial letters that are subject to retention requirements?

  • Each e-mail?
  • Each downloaded invoice?
  • Each report from online-forms?
  • Each incoming (PDF) document?
  • Each Excel-table with financial calculations or evaluations?

Probably not. Be safe and archive all these documents in an audit-proof manner. All documents are thus at hand and can be inspected in the event of a tax audit.

Wouldn’t that be practical?

When using the document management system for securing, updating and versioning of your Office-documents, you automatically comply with legal requirements – and by the way optimize the communication with customers and suppliers. Prospectively, you will make all data and documents corresponding to customers, suppliers and partners available centrally from one place.

Correspondence in Paper Form

The archiving of your correspondence in paper form is easy and can be done with docuvita in various ways. Dependent on application and office equipment, your complete correspondence can be digitized for processing in docuvita either at the workplace of the respective employee or in a central mail office. No matter which way you choose, thanks to sophisticated storage strategies and modern OCR technology, the complete correspondence information will be available context-related or by searching in docuvita.

An additional advantage: Digitize correspondence directly in a central mail office and distribute it digitally via workflows. This saves you the costly delivery of letters to the workplaces of the employees.

digitize correspondence with docuvita

The Perfect Addition

Also record voice or telephone notes in the same system to save all information at a central place. So, everything you need to know about your external relations is easy to find with the search function.

Tip: In order to keep all commercial letters in the original format, the complete archiving of all incoming and outgoing e-mails is helpful. You can automate this process with docuvita. We will tell you how to do that. Just contact us.

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