Search Functions.
Simple, Fast and Effective.

Do you search for an archived document? docuvita offers different search functions: from easy and fast to complex and repetitive. Restrict the results by means of a detailed search mask and you will immediately reach your searched document.

All searches can be saved for future use and can be restarted with just a few mouse clicks. You can also share saved searches with other users to work more efficiently with complex document collections.

How Does it Work?

The powerful search function of docuvita is based on docuvita.DocumentServices working in the background. It automatically recognizes the text of scanned documents by OCR and reads all information from e-mail, text and office files. Together with the characteristics of the documents (e.g. transaction number, file number, document number and document type), this information represents the search index.

Each time a document is modified or a new one is created, the index is automatically updated. docuvita search processes use this particularly fast index to reduces the search time even for complex archives and to reduce the load on workstation computers.

Quick Search
to quickly find keywords in your digital documents – whether they are contained in the document itself or as attributes to the document. This requires only a few mouse clicks and is sufficient for most everyday search queries.

Attribute Search
to particularly search for attributes of documents. In this way you can find documents regardless of their content, e.g. by their generation time, the document author, the transaction number, a file number, a document number or by a document type.

Advanced Search
Create complex queries based on the attributes of documents. Limit time periods or request various selection criteria. This is how you create reports in no time. For instance: What are the incoming invoices for a particular cost center in a relevant month? Which documents have been modified or created within a certain period of time?

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