Intuitive and Comfortable.

The docuvita.Client provides users with convenient access to all the features of the document management system. Its intuitive user interface is related to the Windows Explorer and can be captured quickly without high learning effort.

Using the client, you can store new documents in the system or view and edit existing documents, depending on the access authorization. Each time a new version of the document is created, changes can be logged or withdrawn at any time. Documents can be imported via drag & drop, via a connected scanner or through the integration into Microsoft Office.

Native or Web-Based

The docuvita.Client is available to users in two versions: as platform-independent WebClient directly in your browser or as WindowsClient. Both versions offer a comparable range of functions and full access to all important features and information.

The WebClient is available immediately after installing the docuvita.Server and requires no installation on the workstation. Only a current browser is necessary to work with the docuvita.WebClient. This not only simplifies your IT rollout, updating and maintenance of the client software but also allows your employees to work in a location-independent and device-independent manner.

The WindowsClient has to be installed at the workplace and offers some additional, system-specific functions against the WebClient. With the docuvita.WinClient you can scan, use the input basket function and realize seamless integration into Microsoft Office.

Mobile Access

Using the docuvita.MobileClient, you can access your archive from almost any mobile device with internet access. The user interface is optimized for touch control. Use the mobile variant of docuvita, for example for the release of invoices via workflow or for access to a customer’s file during an on-site sales visit.

Secure Connection

Visually and technically the clients are identical except for small deviations. Both are based on current web technologies. In both cases, the communication between the client and the server works via a secure connection. Thus, access via the Internet is possible without any risk.