Contract Management.
Keep Everything Under Control

You know the challenge: If a contract is established, many people work together – internal and external people. Until the contract is finished, there are many comments, corrections and versions. How to manage such a complex process like contract management? How can you ensure to work on the latest version?

With docuvita, you can track the process of creating contracts across all versions. Thus, you create a clear workflow right up to the binding document approval.

Up to Date – Clear – Cost-Saving

docuvita not only supports you with the creation of new contracts but also provides an overview of current or past contracts at any time. For each document, all relevant information, such as dates, deadlines or contact persons, is available – clear and at a glance.

Tip: Manage reminders for re-negotiations and save additional costs through timely termination of contracts. We will be pleased to provide you with a docuvita demonstration. Contact us.

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