The Right Technology is Essential.

Teamwork is considered a prerequisite for hiring new employees. But is your company’s computer technology already team-minded? Create the technical framework for successful teamwork with docuvita. Provide relevant information to all project participants and keep it up-to-date throughout the project. This not only supports cooperation, but also reduces frustration through waiting times and double work.

docuvita helps you to share documents safely and easily – independent from the applications and file formats you are working with.

Turn Employees into Teamworkers

The docuvita document management system is ideally suited for the coordination of decentralized teams – regardless of whether the team members work at different locations or in home office.

The intelligent management of roles and user rights allows even the easy participation of external contacts in your projects.

Check-In and Check-Out Functions

Check-in and check-out functions effectively avoid double work. This eliminates the laborious combination of different versions. If a document is marked for editing (Check-in), other users can directly see who is editing the document and when the editing is complete (Check-out).

Transparency Through Versioning

For authorized users, it is always possible to see who is editing a document or who has recently edited it. The release comment function quickly makes the most important changes visible. The teamwork is further improved through follow-ups and information workflows.

Elimination of Chaos

Clear structures and a sophisticated authorization concept will eliminate chaos on your file servers and department’s drives. In addition, by implementing a central process-related e-mail archive, you can prevent the disappearance of e-mails in private mailboxes. So there are no more problems with temporary replacements of employees.

Keep Your Notes Safe

The note function completes the teamwork. Save personal notes on documents, folders and files. This allows you to transfer document-related information without necessarily embed it directly into the document.

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