to Optimize Your Business Processes

The docuvita Workflow Management allows you to handle your business processes clear and easy. A wide range of applications can be implemented, such as invoice approvals, controls and information. Thus, the storage system becomes an active support for your workflows.

A workflow consists of individual tasks that are linked together. Common actions include, for example:

  • querying decisions,
  • monitoring deadlines,
  • automatically sending e-mails,
  • printing documents,
  • retrieval of data from third-party systems or
  • management of incoming invoices.

Incoming invoice workflow managementA Role for Every User

The docuvita Workflow Management is based on user roles. Each user can be assigned one or more roles. This makes it possible to implement substitutions and escalation scenarios very easy.

All decisions made during the workflow and executed actions are recorded in an event log and can be tracked at any time.

Customized Workflow Management

The docuvita workflows are realized via the docuvita.WorkflowServer. It allows the management of individual workflows as well as starting them automatically or manually. The docuvita.WorkflowServer is among other things the basis for follow-ups or release processes.

For tailor-made solutions, we work with service partners. Together with you, they develop an customized implementation concept. This approach ensures that workflows support you 100% in your business processes.

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