Process Optimization.
Approvals Can Be Quite Relaxed

In many companies, signature folders are passed through all departments. Here, important information can get lost and deadlines cannot be met. This is not just annoying, but costs valuable time and your money. Below you will find further information on process optimization with docuvita.

docuvita helps you to automate and streamline processes in your company. This not only reduces unnecessary downtime and waiting periods but also makes you work more efficiently with a lower workload.

Do it Like the Pros

Get uncomplicated and secure approvals from sales, branches or home offices. Now you can always keep an eye on your digital documents that have previously been away for several days in the mail.

With docuvita, you can digitally process incoming invoices directly from your inbox – identically to the processing of invoices you get via e-mail. The approval is consistent and simple.

Process Optimization

Optimization is not only useful for Invoices

There are many other areas where the automation of processes is useful. For instance:

  • Offer processes with internal cost estimates and inquiries at suppliers
  • Reports of meeting protocols
  • Quality control and quality management
  • Order processes with internal approvals
  • Approvals of vacation requests

The optimization of all recurring processes in your company helps you to save time, to avoid faults and thus provides a clear competitive advantage.

The Process Optimization Still Goes On

Not only interactions between your employees are feasible. The process optimization also allows the integration of your subcontractors, customers and suppliers. Or you connect processes in different IT systems.

Legal Protection

Tasks and decisions within a work process are documented securely in all cases. Thus, decisions can be reproduced – even after years.

Find out more about the possibilities of process optimization with docuvita. We are happy to advise you. Contact us.

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