Web Access:
All You Need Wherever You Are.

docuvita is delivered as standard with a powerful WebClient for web access. It is completely browser-based and does not require software installation. This not only reduces the rollout, setup, maintenance and updating costs for your IT. Also, with few exceptions, all document management functions can be used on any computer: at the office, at home, at the customer or anywhere.

The browser-based architecture makes the docuvita.WebClient 100% platform-independent. This means you can use docuvita in any conceivable system environment – under Windows, Linux, and Unix or on a Mac computer.

More Efficient Work for Your Sales Force

The docuvita.WebClient makes you independent from dedicated computers – like the computer in your office. Consequently, your sales representatives at a customer meeting can use the same features and documents as the colleagues in the office.

Furthermore, by accessing a central document management, there is also no risk of working with outdated information. All documents you access are always up-to-date.

More Security for Sensitive Data

Customer-relevant documents and information are absolutely necessary for customer appointments, on-site orders, contractual negotiations or business transactions. Often they had to be carried locally on the laptop – an inestimable risk in case of loss or theft of the device.

With the docuvita.WebClient, you can access your central document archive online. The computer itself does not store any documents or information or the software itself. In case of a loss of the device, your data is securely protected.

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