Further Applications
Using the docuvita.API

The docuvita.API provides you a complete programming interface. Its use is particularly worthwhile for larger projects. With docuvita.API, developers can implement further applications or integrate existing programs into the docuvita document management system. These programs can directly access functions of the docuvita.Server.

The docuvita.API also allows companies to develop customized client programs for docuvita. All methods are comprehensively documented. The included docuvita.Clients (Desktop Client and Web Client) are completely based on the docuvita.API.

Optimal Support of Your Business Processes

Your docuvita partner can implement almost all conceivable scenarios for document management through the docuvita programming interface (API) – starting from the complete integration of docuvita into other applications to the use of docuvita as an OEM product.

A complete programming interface is only available with us at the moment! We would be glad to inform you about the advantages – just contact us.