Partner Program Levels and Benefits

The docuvita partner program levels and benefits are designed to give you what you need to be successful. The more you gain skills and resell docuvita DMS, the higher your partner level and the more benefits you’ll receive.

As a docuvita partner, you become eligible to free software, education, and marketing support – not to mention the value you can pass on to your customers. We offer all the support because our aspiration is to grow together.

Benefits of the Registered Partner level
Registered Partners are ideally software or business consulting companies or software resellers. Resell the docuvita DMS solution and grow your profits.


  • Rewards for identifying qualified leads and discounts for reselling docuvita DMS
  • Access to online sales and marketing material to help you create new sales opportunities
  • No membership fee applies
  • Easy to upgrade as your business grows with docuvita


Benefits of the Silver Partner level
The Silver Partner program is open to reseller companies of any size.


  • Discounts for reselling docuvita DMS & maintenance
  • Free not-for-resale licenses
  • Free sales & implementation enablement to build docuvita expertise within your company
  • Access to online sales and marketing resources and support
  • Use of docuvita branding and logo
  • Listed in docuvita partner directory


Benefits of the Gold Partner level
The Gold Partner level is the ideal fit for Value-Added Resellers and System Integrators that wish to do more than just sell docuvita DMS solution.


  • Discounts for reselling docuvita DMS & maintenance
  • Comprehensive not-for-resale licenses package
  • Eligible for docuvita personal account management
  • Free implementation and product trainings
  • Priority in lead assignment and marketing support with extended benefits, e.g. co-marketing activities
  • Priority listing in docuvita partner directory and on website


Benefits of the Certified Application Partner level
The docuvita Certified Application Partner program is designed for any independent software vendor, hardware vendor or reseller who sells hardware systems or licensable software products that integrate with or are built upon the docuvita DMS platform.
Certified Application Partners will receive the best support and guidance from docuvita to identify and implement the optimal technical integration methods for using the docuvita DMS solution


More detailed information about the docuvita partner program levels and benefits can be found in the docuvita Partner Brochure.

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