Incoming Documents.
Processed in no Time.

docuvita makes processing of your incoming documents easier.
Incoming invoices, delivery notes, correspondences and business letters – all relevant documents will be digitally saved and secured according to the legal requirements for correct accounting.

Here, the medium of incoming documents is completely irrelevant. Digital documents like e-mails or Office-files will be processed as well as documents in a paper form that have to be digitized by scanning previously. As a result, the system contains documents from different sources and makes them available. Do not search any longer in file folders, mailboxes and on different drives but find everything in less than no time with docuvita.

Trough its modular flexible architecture our solution can be adapted optimally to your processes. For this purpose, we will develop an individual concept for you that fits your requirements to 100%.

In addition to the mere transfer of the documents into a central information system, intelligent automatisms can be used for indexing. For scanned documents, a text recognition will be implemented. This way, you will find the documents and information you need much faster than conventionally in storage and paper archives.

Workflow Support

Following the transfer to the archive, further workflows can be automatically defined.

Workflow of incoming business documents

This is how it’s done

Use the various possibilities of the workflow-support. Transfer invoices directly from your mailbox to the document management system and automatically proceed with approval and payment processes. So you avoid mistakes and ensure legally certain document storage.

As an alternative, docuvita also supports you if you want to keep your established processes. This allows you to completely finish the accounting of incoming documents before archiving and then leave docuvita the automatic indexing and digital filing – safely throughout the entire storage period.

Further procedures and extension levels supplement an optimal invoice receipt up to the almost complete automation.

Let us show you the right approach for your company. We are happy to assist you in creating your individual solution.

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