E-Mail Archiving.
Automatic. Comfortable. Legal.

E-mails can contain important company information, but are often not accessible for all employees who should receive the information. Therefore, it is useful, convenient and legally certain to connect your e-mail server or cloud-based communication to a document management system.

docuvita allows you to easily archive all incoming and outgoing e-mails – automatically and at a place where they belong. This means that all information is always available centrally to all authorized employees.

Make it Easier

Invoices are increasingly sent digitally. This tendency is rising. Like all invoices, digital documents must be kept in the original format for a period of 10 years. In addition, such a regulation is not only true for invoices, but also for commercial letters. They have a retention period of 6 years.

The integration of docuvita into your existing e-mail solution allows you to capture, categorize and archive e-mails automatically. Hereby you automatically meet the legal requirements requested. This will not only make you sleep more peacefully, but will also significantly reduce your workload.

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