For Even More Functionality


The docuvita.ScanClient is a docuvita.Plugin used to scan documents via a TWAIN-capable scanner. The documents scanned in this way are transferred to the input folder of the docuvita AutoProfiler via a secure connection.

External sites can also deliver documents without having to have direct access to the system. These may be, for example, branch offices or the sales force.


You can use our ClickProfiler if you are a small business with a low volume of documents. It easily transfers the data recognized by OCR as metadata to the document management system – just by mouse click.

For larger companies with a medium and high volume of documents, we recommend our special solutions for automatic or fully automatic document recognition.

Form Recognition

This add-on program performs the rule-based recognition of data from unstructured documents, for example the sender and the invoice number on incoming invoices.

The information thus obtained can then be used for determining the storage location and for keywording.

Digital Signature

Each (PDF) document can be digitally signed. This signature confirms that the document has not been modified since the signature process.

The digital signature further increases the security and trustworthiness of the archive.