E-Mail Archiving
Secure and Legally Compliant.

With docuvita you not only store documents, but also meet the legal requirements for the archiving of business letters. You can archive your e-mails in two different ways: either you choose the selective archiving or you archive the entire e-mail traffic automatically.

By means of customizable interfaces, docuvita can also be connected with existing CRM or ERP systems. For example, you can archive captured e-mails directly in a digital customer account and access them from your CRM system.

E-Mail-Archiving at the Client

The docuvita.Client supports direct integration with Microsoft Outlook or Tobit David. E-mails sent or received with these applications can be archived manually by drag & drop or by clicking on a button directly in the e-mail program.

When archiving your e-mails, you have the option of placing additional keywords to make your messages easier to find. In addition, you can automatically archive e-mails that you send from Outlook or Tobit David.

E-Mail-Archiving at the Server

docuvita supports the integration with Microsoft Exchange Server and Tobit david Server. Further integration possibilities are available on request. The integration with the e-mail server offers companies important advantages – for example the automatic archiving of incoming and outgoing e-mails and their automatic assignment to a customer’s file.

In the case of e-mail archiving at the server, the docuvita archiving program evaluates the information in the header of each message (including sender, addressee and subject). This information is used to index the archived messages. This way, your e-mails are not only archived securely, but can also be retrieved easily and at any time.

Archiving of Attachments and Metadata

docuvita archives e-mails including all file attachments. E-mails along with all attachments and metadata are indexed and stored in the document management system. E-mails can be found quickly and comfortably by the search function. The integration of docuvita with your ERP or CRM system even allows you to archive e-mails in a customer-related or contextual way.

docuvita not only archives e-mails from specific e-mail software or groupware solutions such as Microsoft Exchange and Tobit David, but also supports the usual standards for e-mails on the Internet. So, docuvita is also used for e-mail archiving of cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365.

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