Scalability and Modular Design

docuvita is a powerful document management and enterprise content management system with a scalable, modular design. This allows you, for example, to start with a basic system for accounting and to develop docuvita over time into a complex, highly individualized solution for your company with extensive document management functions. Many working areas and business processes can benefit from the use of docuvita. There are virtually no limits to the possible applications.

From a simple archive to a fully integrated information center

docuvita covers all areas of document management systems (DMS), an enterprise content management systems (ECM) or enterprise information management (EIM) systems. The basic system of a simple archive for digital and digitized documents is identical to a system for:

  • Management of many other data and data types
  • Replacement of network and compartment drives
  • Use of simple workflows
  • Full automation of working processes
  • Connection of external applications and databases
  • Fully integrated information center

Everything can be achieved with the same licenses. You decide how far you like to go after you have started to digitize your business processes.

If you would like to know in which areas your company can benefit from a document management system like docuvita, we will be happy to assist you with the needs analysis and the adaptation of our interdisciplinary solution to your own requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us
or have one of our docuvita-partners in your area to advise you.