Outgoing Documents.
Automatically Processing and Sending.

Archive your outgoing documents in accordance with legal requirements and without any additional costs. Take advantage of the capabilities of docuvita’s powerful document management system. It helps you to collect, organize, archive and send documents – fully automatically.

The digital recording of outgoing documents has important advantages for companies. It allows you to work more flexible and independent while reducing the time and costs for printing and storing your copies.

Automatic processing of outgoing documents

Are you already using an ERP system or merchandise management system?

Great, because documents, offers, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices from existing systems can be imported into docuvita and automatically allocated to the respective customer file. The corresponding master data will be accepted automatically. So, there is no double maintenance of master data within the ERP-system and the document management system. Furthermore, the storage of document copies in paper form is no longer required.

We help you to find out how docuvita can be integrated into your existing system environment and what the benefits of automatically capturing outgoing documents mean for you.

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