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6 Reasons Why SMEs Should Automate their HR Processes


In the previous article, we depicted that SMEs are labor intensive organizations coupled with a lack of resources. This combination triggers the necessity of deploying a document management system. Business process automation is more crucial to SMEs to resolve the resources shortage. Let’s go deeper and review how a document management system can assist each department of the company and more specifically in Human Resources (HR) departments. How can a document management system simplify and automate the employee hiring process? How can you manage employee files? How can you achieve regulatory compliance?

As part of a daily routine of running my small business, the most tedious and obligatory routine is managing employee documentation!

Especially in my case, I hire temporary personnel and I outsource the payroll processes to my accountant. By law, I am obliged to manage anything related to employee documentation onboarding and off-boarding. Until I implemented the docuvita document management solution, I managed all these documents in paper format. Meaning:

  • I had to sign the employee contract and collect all personal documents, retain them for five years after the contract expires!
  • Some data I should track include social security numbers, banking information and other sensitive data by law needs to be tracked in a system that meets certain compliance requirements. The paper format doesn’t meet this compliance requirement.
  • The physical storage was expanding exponentially.
  • I had to rely on my accountant for tracking documents, due dates or update employee files.
  • I had to copy all the documents and share them with my accountant, which is not the best practice security wise.
  • I couldn’t comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and more specifically making available the employee files with each employee and also securing the access and sharing of the employee data.

All the above may not look so serious. But these are time-intensive administrative duties. Apart from losing time you can lose big money, in case of a single mistake or mishandle brings about huge fines.

I am a person who tries to improve my productivity. I struggle with my company’s growth. I cannot lose time over managing processes and not in customer service and sales. I cannot afford to pay fines.

How did I automate HR processes?

I leveraged the docuvita document system for automating repeatable HR business processes. docuvita offered me the high-functioning infrastructure I needed to digitize the employee documents and centralize them in one electronic repository, making them searchable and traceable. I captured via a scanner all employee paper documents and docuvita automatically archived and classified the documents in the corresponding files. I moved forward and integrated the document management system with the Accounting Application. This was the best decision I made. Now, docuvita seamlessly updates the employee data into the Accounting System. It also facilitates the sharing of employee files with the accountant without my involvement!

Now, any action that should be taken on those documents under law requirements is automated and there is no excuse not to meet deadlines. From signing an employee contract to announcing the employee hiring to employment organization or fires and document retention, I automated all processes!

No more physical storage, HR data are stored in digital format – safe and secure. docuvita offers a secure user-based sign-in, access to employee archives, databases and documents can be granted only to those with designated permissions. We back-up documents regularly on a secure server. In the event of an unexpected disaster, this means that the information critical to keeping my business running is always available.

The Benefits of docuvita Document Management System to SMEs Handling HR Processes

As any SME, my small company faces many different challenges. Daily dealing with a mountain of HR paperwork is the greatest challenge. Whether it’s a government-required form, or a signed copy of an employee agreement, HR processes include the collection, retention and management of vast amounts of employee data. I found myself dependent on outdated paper forms that not only wasting limited resources time — but putting my company’s regulatory compliance and employee security at risk.

The deployment of the docuvita document management helped me automate HR processes and overcome some of my daily challenges running my business.

Some of those benefits are:

  • Reduced physical storage needs, printing, and courier costs. I would say that I saved my company around 20% of my operational costs.
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance with Employee Laws and GDPR.
  • Increased productivity rates as I freed-up time from dealing with document management. I have calculated that I was losing 21% of my work-time to manage and share documents.
  • Eliminated data entry errors and lost or misplaced files associated with manual hiring processes.
  • Increased security and access to the documents anytime and anywhere.

The HR processes in SMEs are still manual and paper-based. The payroll systems offer no functionality towards managing the employee data. SMEs that are attached to paper-based processes risk getting fines and losses in productivity and competitiveness. A document management system doesn’t affect the culture of the business and the processes. It is easy to adopt and easy to use. It offers a way to automate paper-based processes leading to many benefits, including better productivity, cost reduction and compliance, awareness of employees and effective collaboration.

Maria Argyti
International Business Development Strategist

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docuvita User Day Munich 2019

Optimization of Workflows in the Office of the Future with docuvita and Microsoft

The docuvita User Day Munich will take place at 27.06.2019 in the Microsoft Germany headquarters in Munich. Here we can take a look at one of Germany’s most modern offices.

Microsoft Deutschland Zentrale München

Main Topics:

  • Interesting talks about document management
  • Get to know new functions of the docuvita document management system, particularly workflows and approval processes
  • Share customer’s experience of working with docuvita


Program and Registration

International participants are welcome, however, the docuvita User Days are held in German.

The docuvita User Days are a great chance for customers and interested people to meet docuvita developers and receive first-hand news about the docuvita document management system. Here, participants can exchange information with other users about actual application cases and best practices for document management.

Anwendertag Bispingen 2018

Why should a Small-Medium-sized Company implement a Document Management System?

In her article, business development strategist Maria Argyti reports on her experiences with document handling and why a document management system has made her life easier.

Maria Argyti

If you are a director or owner of a small or mid-sized company wondering:

1. What are the critical factors for considering deploying a document managment system,

2. Automate manual business processes and prevent anyone from wasting time over processing documents,

3. How can a document management system help your company reduce operational costs

…then THIS ARTICLE is for you.

docuvita User Day Walsrode 2019

The docuvita User Days are a great chance for customers and interested people to meet docuvita developers and receive first-hand news about the docuvita document management system. Here, participants can exchange information with other users about actual application cases and best practices for document management.

Anwendertag Bispingen 2018

The User Day Walsrode will take place at 23.05.2019 in the Conference Hotel Luisenhöhe, right at the world’s largest Bird Park, the Weltvogelpark Walsrode.

Main Topics:

  • Interesting talks about document management
  • Get to know new functions of the docuvita document management system, particularly workflows and approval processes
  • Share customer’s experience of working with docuvita


Take part with us in a guided tour through the world’s largest bird park. About 4000 birds of 650 species live here – from the smallest to the largest and from the funniest to the most dangerous creatures.

Weltvogelpark Walsrode


Program and Registration

International participants are welcome, however, the docuvita User Days will be held in German.

The docuvita User Day München will take place in Munich in June. Details can be found right here at the website or soon on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why do Partners work with docuvita?

It’s probably not just because we are nice guys. More than 60 Channel Partners in Germany and Switzerland rely on our excellent Document  Management Solution. And we rely on long-term strategic partnerships.

We asked some of our German Partners, what they think about docuvita, and created Partner Testimonials.

Two of them, Mike Sartissohn and Gerd Schäffer, the heads of the docuvita competence centers in Germany, have been working together with docuvita for 12 and 5 years, respectively.

Mike Sartissohn, CEO of Sartissohn GmbH

Gerd SchäfferGerd Schäffer, CEO of docuvita solutions GmbH


Currently, we are looking for Partners in Hungary and Slovenia, e.g.

  • Value Added Resellers
  • Solution providers focusing on CRM, ERP or other line of business applications
  • Technology integrators
  • ISO, Compliance and governance consulting firms

If you are interested in becoming a docuvita Partner, check out our Partner Program and do not hesitate to contact us.

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docuvita is Ready For The Future

The docuvita document management system (DMS) has been successful in the German and Swiss markets for more than 14 years. Our mission “to reinvent how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) handle documents and automate business processes without any special skillset” was accomplished.

By now, we have supported more than 1000 SMEs in Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, Education and Healthcare to smoothly manage the digital transformation. What are the benefits they realized?

  • Reduced Costs: on average they decreased document-related costs by 20%-40% with docuvita.
  • Boosted Productivity: 30 to 60 minutes a day were freed up for each of their employees by eliminating manual tasks like paper management, finding and sharing documents internally and externally within the company.
  • Reduced Regulatory Compliance Costs: docuvita customers meet compliance requirements with ease and have decreased the related costs by 42%. docuvita customers are GDPR compliant by design!
  • Improved Process Efficiency & Controlling Costs: By automating business processes, our customers have optimized their approval processes for invoices, contracts or quality management processes and reduced their costs by 37%.


We are at the core of the SME DNA

At docuvita, we know that the digital divide is the cause of SMEs losing their competitiveness over the large enterprises worldwide. We also know, that this is threatening the very existence of the SMEs worldwide. This is why we offer a user-friendly solution that is very easy to use, affordable, highly adaptable and adjustable to every business process and any existing business application or hardware system. Our customers trust us because they realized that docuvita DMS can fit anywhere and the investment covers the needs of today and tomorrow.

Building on our competitive advantages and proven market success, we decided to expand our operations in Hungary and Slovenia.


We count on Partners

docuvita is a team player. We fulfill our mission together with our Partners. Today we count more than 60 channel partners in Germany and Switzerland. Our partners are the ones handholding our customers, to customize docuvita to their specific needs. We do recognize that partners will be the prerequisite for our success in Hungary and Slovenia as well.

We look forward to establish business with partners in Hungary and Slovenia. More information about docuvita DMS and partner program can be found here on our website.

Contact us on LinkedIn.

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