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We have moved to a new office! docuvita keeps growing.

Exciting things are happening at docuvita and we can now officially share the important news with you. Loyalty from customers and partners like you has fueled our growth and we moved to a new and bigger office as of 01/07/2021!

This was not so easy task given the circumstances!

The official company headquarters of docuvita was in Bad Soden am Taunus for over 15 years but the space was small to accommodate our growing team and better serve our partners and customers.

This is why we took the opportunity to move to a bigger office where we have the opportunity to sit together with all team members, put our heads together, exchange ideas directly and work together even more intensively on our product.

We are all settled in and adding some small fixtures & decorations day by day — there are still some small things to do to make here a great place. But, we’re incredibly excited to be in the new space!

For future correspondence with docuvita, please consider the new address.

The rest of contact information remains the same. You can still call us at the existing email address and telephone number ( | +49 06196 2048590).

We consider our new office as the beginning of another chapter in our history. Thanks for being with us throughout this growth!

If you are in the area, feel free to stop by and say hello!

Happy New Year!

The docuvita-Team wishes partners, customers and friends a Happy New Year!


Despite the exceptional situation in 2020, docuvita has developed very positively. We look forward to a new year with you and an even better docuvita Document Management System.

docuvita & InTec System announce their strategic partnership for the Balkan Region

Partnership announcement InTec System & docuvita


Growing demand in the Balkans for document management systems is driven by the need for optimizing business processes, digitizing content across enterprises and compliance requirements.


Skopje – 31st July 2020InTec System, the leading company in Enterprise Content Management Solutions in North Macedonia and the Balkans, today announces its participation in the docuvita Partner Program. Intec System joined the Program at the Certified Application Level. InTec System strengthens its Suscriptor® line of products with docuvita DMS & Workflow Server. Companies can now say goodbye to paper. docuvita’s integration capabilities allow the customers to leverage their existing technology footprint to create a single document repository. It automates the archiving and classification of any document into an electronic file structure and renders them accessible, searchable, and traceable on demand. This translates into cost reduction, performance optimization, and improved collaboration.

On one hand InTec System’s vast know-how in imaging, document management, business process automation and on the other hand Suscriptor® solution, guarantees automating company data collection and document driven processes. docuvita boosts InTec System’s offering with advanced automation capabilities that can adjust to the specific needs of any organization. The automation goes beyond capturing and archiving. It goes to the level of extracting structured data to feed it in third party systems. This high level of automation is possible through the new partnership with docuvita GmbH & Co. KG, a leading German Company in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions and services.

InTec System’s solutions around document management contributes to faster handling of documents, improved data collection, increased control, and create paperless processes. The solution is well suited to organizations in need of raising productivity and boost collaboration. docuvita DMS will be part of InTec System’s Suscriptor® family of products, where the aim is being a comprehensive supplier of document and workflow management solution.

“We want to help our customers to gain control over their data and automate their business processes. With docuvita DMS, we see a huge potential in equipping our product line Subscriptor® with fully automating paper-driven processes and populate information in all customers’ existing applications. Now we can leverage the information included in the documents, no matter where stored. We are excited to take the next step in this development together with docuvita”, said Zlatko Efremov, Owner and Executive Manager, InTec System.

“The docuvita Partner Network was the prerequisite of our success in Germany and Switzerland. We expect that it will also shape our success in Central Eastern Europe. The partner brings to the table a solid combination of skills in automating document processing and a comprehensive application portfolio. These characteristics make InTec System the ideal docuvita Partner. We are looking forward to integrating our applications to help customers in the Balkans to gain optimal control over their documents and information, and define user-configurable workflows”, said Helge Lenuweit, CEO of docuvita GbmH & Co. KG.

The docuvita Partner Program allows companies to incorporate a unique solution complementary to their existing product portfolio for creating a paperless company. docuvita is a user-friendly solution, easy to use, affordable and profoundly versatile to any business, no matter the size. Its unique features range from document control and workflow automation to support compliance-related processes, such as ISO and Quality Control, Tax Regulation, preventive document manipulation, multi-level delete function and auditing.

For more information, please contact:

Helge Lenuweit, CEO, docuvita GmbH & Co. KG
+358 45 205 3253

Zlatko Efremov, CEO, InTec System
+389 2 3203 770


About docuvita GmbH & Co. KG

docuvita is a document management solution for creating a single repository to manage all the electronic files of the organization. Collecting documents and data in one source is imperative for improving business performance. It has never been more important to harness the power of data to reduce costs, make smarter decisions and improve collaboration. In docuvita we have managed to reduce up to 60% the work time of employees connected with managing documents like Filing, Storing, Search, Versioning and Automating paper driven processes. It offers workflow automation completely customizable to your business, advanced search to give you quick access to documents, out of the box integration to all known enterprise solutions, and document governance which guarantees that your files are always safe and compliant. This is how you achieve optimal management of your electronic files anywhere and anytime.

A thousand of customers from Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, Education and Healthcare Industry use the docuvita DMS and they have realized the benefits of reducing document handling costs, boost productivity and reduce operational/regulatory compliance costs. We rely on our partners to handhold our customers to customize docuvita to their specific needs so they can focus only to run their business.

For more information, visit


About InTec System doo

InTec System provides latest IT equipment and solutions on the market of South East Europe. Activities extend from sale and maintenance of wide range of IT equipment, to implementation and support of complex IT solutions based on world leading technology.

At InTec System we collaborate with our clients, bringing together business insights, significant experience and technology to provide a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Through our integrated approach to problem solving, solution design and execution we help turn our customer’s digital transformation strategies into action.
With over 15 years of experience our mission is to help our customers to anticipate change and profit from new opportunities. The result of that experience and knowledge is a reputation for being trusted advisors, subject matter experts and suppliers in a wide range of business and information technology areas.

InTec System provide end to end Enterprise Content Management Solutions. From the preliminary planning stages all the way through to end user training, we seek to provide the knowledge and experience to ensure the success of our client projects. Our focus is on innovation and improving business processes by aligning people, processes and systems. Our business models are designed to suit customers unique requirements, utilizing world leading ECMS solutions together with InTec System’s products and services.

To learn more, please visit and


docuvita Announces International Channel Partner Program for ISVs, SIs and VARs

The docuvita international partner program gives ISVs, SIs and VARs the technical and marketing tools to offer an innovative document management solution.

Bad Soden, Germany, June 1st, 2020 — docuvita, the preeminent document management (DMS) provider in Germany is launching today its channel partner program, open for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), Hardware Vendors (HW), SIs (Systems Integrators) and VARs (Value Added Resellers) globally.

Companies can apply to our partner program here.

“docuvita is a team player. Over the last 15 years, dozens of ISVs, SIs and VARs have partnered with docuvita in Germany and Switzerland. Partners leverage the power of our modular and open architecture document management solution to automate the document handling and business processes of their customers”, commented Helge Lenuweit, Founder and CTO of docuvita GmbH & Co. KG. “Building on our success, we are now opening our partner program globally. We have re-shaped our Partner Program and we invite new partners from around the world to engage with us.”

We designed the docuvita International Partner Program to handhold the partners gain the sales and technical skills. It goes beyond reselling, to serving the customers create their desired business outcomes.

Partner Program Categories

The updated partner program adopts a framework of two partner categories – Resellers and Certified Application Partners. Each category aims to support the different needs of VARs, SIs and ISV/HW Vendors. The Reseller Category is designed especially for VARs & SIs. It rewards the partners for investing in developing the skills to resell, implement and support docuvita DMS. The Certified Application Category focuses on partners that wish to integrate docuvita as part of their offering or use docuvita platform to develop bespoke solutions around our flexible document management. According to docuvita, the restructured program aims to enable closer engagement with partners to collectively pursue the need of the companies to comply with Regulation, support secure remote working or add more value to their existing technology footprint.

The docuvita International Program features a new incentive structure, which will reward docuvita global partners for building the necessary expertise around our document management system. Maria Argyti, Business Development Strategist, noted that the program levels target partners ranging from entry-level to advanced skill sets for creating successful customer cases and developing more innovative features. Our partner program adjusts to the partner business model. docuvita now offers an unparalleled engagement model at technical and sales level, to answer the strong market demand coming from hundreds of SME companies. Additional program updates include the introduction of a Partner Account Manager, which personalizes the support of the partner from sales to implementation.

By now, together with our partners we have helped more than 1.000 customers in Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, Education and Healthcare to undergo digital transformation smoothly. “docuvita fulfilled its vision to reinvent how enterprises manage their documents and automate business processes without any special skillset”, commented Helge Lenuweit. We fulfilled our vision together with our partners.

Benefits of the docuvita partner program

The benefits offered to our partners include:

  • Partner discount pricing model
  • Receive leads from docuvita
  • Marketing and Sales Enablement
  • Technical Enablement and on-project assistance
  • Free docuvita Licenses for running your business processes
  • Free docuvita Licenses for demo and development purposes
  • Technical guidance to integrate docuvita with your proprietary solutions
  • Technical Support

Partnerships succeed when parties trust each other and share common goals. As a solution provider, we are looking for software vendors like docuvita to support us and our customers with their products, reliable communication and support delivery, top-notch expertise, and clear product roadmap”, said Michael Suermann, CEO of S&S Software and Service GmbH in Germany.

About docuvita GmbH & Co. KG

docuvita provides an information management solution for creating a single repository to manage all the electronic files of the organization. Collecting documents and data in one source is imperative for improving business performance. It has never been more important to harness the power of data to reduce costs, make smarter decisions and improve collaboration. In docuvita we have managed to reduce up to 60% the work time of employees connected with managing documents like Filing, Storing, Search, Versioning and automating paper driven processes. It offers workflow automation completely customizable to all businesses, advanced search to give you quick access to documents, out of the box integration to all known enterprise solutions, and document governance which guarantees that your files are always safe and compliant. This is how you achieve optimal management of your electronic files anywhere and anytime. For more information please visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Contact Us

docuvita International
+49(0)6196 2048599

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by Maria Argyti

As more cases of the coronavirus are found across the European Continent, business executives are facing the very real challenge of achieving business continuity in the lockdown era. The questions every business owner or CEO is asking are: “How well will my business cope without physical presence? How can I support the personnel to work remotely? Can the staff be productive when they are self-isolated?”

See COVID-19 as the opportunity to create the “anytime”, “anywhere” company

The coronavirus forces companies to transform and go digital to remain “open”, run business-critical tasks and serve their customers. Most companies are trying to figure out how to conduct business as usual when most governments enforced lockdown and home working. Today we may see this policy as a threat to our business survival. But you agree that crisis means opportunities! Grab the opportunity to implement digital transformation plans. Invest the funds you receive from your governments to mobilize your company. Create the “anytime, anywhere” company. So where should organizations start?

Start with building a comprehensive remote work strategy and Online Sales & Supports. Work towards these three pillars:


Remote Work Strategy is important to understand terms that surround the idea of working away from the office. CEOs and business owners may feel they cannot control the performance of their employees when working out of the office and lack of face-to-face supervision. But this is only true when employees feel:

Remote Work Tools: Ensure all employees could access the tools they need to work remotely. I refer to enterprise systems like HR, payroll, ERP and CRM, telephone and collaboration tools as well as email and file stores.

If your company doesn’t have technology tools already in place, there are inexpensive ways to obtain Cloud CRM, Cloud ERP and Collaboration tools for your teams. Remote work becomes more efficient and satisfying when managers set business workflows which work as task-based daily schedule. Meaning, you should be able to use a workflow automation solution that interacts with Cloud CRM or Cloud ERP. Prefer business applications like docuvita document management systems (DMS) that would help you set-up rule-based access, share business information and also automate business processes which can be monitored. At the same time, you will maximize the collaboration among teams and employees by exchanging comments and notes. This affordable system is pre-integrated with all known ERPs and CRMs used in the Enterprises. It doesn’t require any skill set to use and can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual company. docuvita DMS is available on the web and mobile devices and fully supports remote working.

This way your employees will stay engaged and productive, while managers could efficiently measure the employee performance in more tangible ways rather than the physical presence at the office.

Communication: One of the most essential steps a manager, CEO or business owner can take is to establish daily communications with their employees. Email is not enough. You should schedule a daily one-to-one call or team calls. Make sure that calls are regular and predictable, and open enough to encourage employees to consult with you, share their concerns and make them feel that their questions will be answered. There are several conference tools that support instant chat, audio and video conferencing. This makes communication personal and more satisfying for both employees and managers. There are many collaboration tools, offered free and payable versions like Skype, Viber, Messenger, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. All tools can be used from both personal computers and mobile devices. It can be used for both formal and informal communications.

Offer Self-Service HR: With employees working from home, they typically interact much less with the HR. They are no longer able to walk to the HR department and ask a quick question. In large, companies haven’t implemented Cloud Human Resource Management Systems. It is to deploy systems like Subscriptor HR and Exelsys Cloud HRMS Solutions to request time off and submit expenses, access their payroll and benefit information.


It is true that in the coronavirus pandemic more emphasis has been given on supporting the employee remote working. But, what do we do about remote selling? That is, selling to remote buyers and customers, particularly if your business model relies on in-person sales. Business Owners and Executives also deal with the challenge of buying and selling exclusively remotely due to the enforcement of lockdown measures. Customers stay inside their homes and they buy online or their mobile devices.

The companies that have evolved their sales model to be more omni-channel (online and in-store sales) will capitalize on current conditions and take share. For those who haven’t, now is the time to jumpstart that journey. So, what can you do to:

It is a huge transition for both customers and companies. There are relatively quick and inexpensive things that business owners and executives can do to smooth the transition. Actions that you can take today include:

Sell Online: Leverage phone orders, your e-shop and the online marketplaces to promote your products and services. Most probably your customers will not come to your store to buy your products. Using your online shop and/or marketplaces can help you make up for losses in physical sales. Remember you should showcase products via videos and photos to help your customers decide before they buy.

The systems you will need to sell online or via phone are: e-commerce platforms, ERP and CRM systems to record and coordinate sales processes. If your company doesn’t have technology tools already in place, there are inexpensive ways to obtain e-commerce platforms, Cloud CRM, Cloud ERP. Digital sales become more efficient and satisfying to your customers when you offer contactless sales operations. Meaning, you should be able to issue e-invoices, e-delivery notes and e-signature.

If you wish to support contactless sales operations you should consider docuvita document management solution to add e-Invoice and e-Signature capabilities. Furthermore, you can add an approval process for orders, invoices and payments. docuvita document management system allows the sharing of Invoices automatically with internal and external users. All information and all documents can be accessed from one system while working remotely and regardless of the device you work. On top companies can monitor payment deadlines.

It is crucial for companies to control their inventory across all warehouses to avoid overselling. This is even more crucial, especially in times with disconnections in the supply chain. Ensure that your ERP system can automatically sync your available inventory to your sales channels.

Communication: Sales Account Manager and Sales are wondering how they will communicate with their customers when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible? Email communications should be short and express support. It’s also important to schedule video-conferences with your customers in an unprecedented time like now. Make sure that customers are receptive to video conference calls.

Alternatively, you may select instant chat, which allows you to exchange short and meaningful messages. This makes communication personal and less disruptive for both you and your customers. There are many conference call tools, offered free and payable versions like Skype, Viber, Messenger, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. All tools can be used from both personal computers and mobile devices. It can be used for both formal and informal communications.

Events and Training: All in-person events and training are banned due to the coronavirus. How can you overcome this obstacle? You can still deliver events online. Plan a product launch or webinar online. It is a great alternative and you can still reach your customers. The webinar and online event platforms are offered free and in payable versions. You can select from a variety of platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Zoho Meetings etc.

You will still need to plan the event internally in the company. So, platforms like docuvita DMS can help you collect the event material remotely, assign tasks and roles.

Customer Support: The pandemic is affecting all the departments of the enterprise. One of the most heavily affected departments is often customer service. The majority of the companies were unprepared to deal with the increased number of calls and customer anxiety. The customer support employees are working from home and in large they are called to take full responsibility to support the customer. It is difficult or not possible to connect with peers or managers to handle a  call. Companies can use collaboration tools to help call center employees to connect with peers and managers to better support the customers. You can use instant chatting like Viber, Messenger or WhatsApp or Skype. The majority of the tools are offered for free and they are also known to all employees.

In parallel, you can create a FAQ with the most frequent customer requests and a knowledge base. You can use docuvita DMS to store the FAQ and the knowledge base material. This way, you render the information available to all employees anytime and anywhere.


COVID-19 has disrupted the operations of almost all companies. Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, security was high up on the agenda of the companies. Now, with the employees working remotely companies were called to accommodate their IT infrastructure to support this shift. It is of utmost importance to protect businesses from security threats. What can you do?

IT departments face new challenges when it comes to managing fully remote working. The challenges evolve around ensuring accessible and reliable connections between corporate networks and employee devices, promoting collaboration and productivity between teams, networks and offices. Actions that you can take today include:

Network: Leverage Utilize VPN Connections. Using a VPN connection it will allow the employees working remotely to anonymously & securely access company data online.

Remote Access to Business Applications: One way to easily support remote workers is the use of cloud- based desktop-as-a-service (RDP or VDI) models. Employees can log into their virtual desktops from anywhere and from any device. With VDI you will no longer need to worry if the employees have corporate laptops, if you have enough licenses and if they can easily access the corporate applications remotely. There are many RDP or VDI solutions in the market like Citrix Desktops, VMware Horizon and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Access Documents Securely: Possibly the biggest challenge for the companies is to access the business documents. As most companies haven’t migrated the physical file storage to a digital one, this creates a gap in the business continuity plan. docuvita DMS can act as a central documentary repository for business documents. You can start storing documents coming from emails, third party-systems i.e. ERPs or even the ones that employees have stored on their PCs.

Companies will also comply with regulations and security requirements. From e-Invoicing, ISO, Quality Management to GDPR, docuvita is a data-centric solution that stores and manages documents in a secure and legislative compliant way automatically. All documents stored in docuvita are encrypted.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the operations of every business. Some CEOs may think only the survival of their company. Some others may think how to position themselves within the crisis. Others may think how to prepare for the next day of the pandemic. What you may not realize, living within the pandemic, is that this is your opportunity to re-imagine your company’s model. The adoption of technology is inevitable. In fact, technology proved to be the bullet-proof of companies showing resilience in the coronavirus pandemic.

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas from docuvita document management system

The docuvita Team wishes our partners and customers a Merry Christmas!

Thank you very much for a successful year 2019.

In 2020 we will enter the 16th year of our history and the docuvita Document Management System will further facilitate your work with many new functions.

Post Event Summary: Launching docuvita Document Management System in the Greek Market


Early in November, HumanI and docuvita hosted the first Human Resources (HR) Digital Transformation event in Athens/Greece. It was a huge success. More than 60 HR Managers from leading Enterprises came together to explore the future of HR in the digital era. The event provided the audience with clarity and insights on achieving positive transformation in the workplace with the docuvita document management system (DMS).

Grigoris Lemonis (HumanI) brought his experiences as an HR Recruiter and HR Director, discussing the structure of the HR departments today and the technologies they should use in order to evolve to a strategic business partner. His speech presented the current HR teams as overburdened administrative departments that still work with paper and Excel sheets, without strategic weight. Rather than push against digital personnel files and therefore the automation of HR processes, he encourages harnessing the technologies to explore the digital possibilities to promote themselves to strategic business partners. For example, the docuvita DMS provides easy ways to boost connectivity between employees, automation of HR processes and above all the possibility of making informed decisions about HR strategies. Coming to the conclusion that digitalization doesn’t detract from HR values – it offers new pathways for those values to be upheld.

docuvita presented how its DMS supports the digitization of personnel files throughout the HR processes and thus enables the automation of many administrative, like On-boarding and Off-boarding, that were previously handled manually. This leads to a reduction in the workload of HR teams and concentration on strategically important aspects, like recruiting, employee development and company structure.

docuvita DMS renders the HR able to adapt easily to the new generation employee way of life, the talent market and competition, causing a more productive, efficient and healthy working environment. Ultimately, the HR departments are empowered by docuvita evolving to a true business partner within the company.

We wanted to share some of the highlights with you through photos, as a picture speaks a thousand words.

HR Digital Transformation Event, Athens/Greece Marcus Ehrenburg, Grigoris Lemonis, HR Digital Transformation Event, Athens/Greece Grigoris Lemonis, HR Digital Transformation Event, Athens/Greece


So, what did we learn? Overall, here are the key takeaways: 

  • Awareness of individual, social and organizational needs are paramount for effective, meaningful transformation.
  • HR departments are poorly equipped technologically. The docuvita DMS makes the digitization of personnel files easy.
  • Digitizing employee files will allow the automation of routine activities in the HR teams. This will create space for strategic tasks, such as employee and organizational development.
  • Digital Transformation Strategy is vital for turning the HR departments into strategic business partners of their organizations.

If you are interested in digitalizing your HR processes, then do one of the following things (or all of them):

  • Contact docuvita via the Contact Form
  • Connect with Us on Linkedin to keep you update with all the developments
  • Contact me directly – especially if you’re interested in showcasing docuvita document management in the HR departments.


Maria Argyti, International Business Development Strategist, docuvita GmbH & Co. KG


HR Digital Transformation Event with docuvita and HumanI

HR Digital Transformation Seminar in Athens

The Digital Era is already here. The smartphones, the use of social media and information being “just a click away”, means that digital transformation has already occurred in our everyday life. The Homo Digitalis is the new type of professional. Companies need to introduce policies and systems that allow for remote working, virtual teams, nomad services, and mobile applications that at least offer flexibility in working hours, in the flow of information and the organization of work.

HR people need to embrace and facilitate the digital transformation of work.

HumanI celebrates the cooperation with docuvita and invites the HR community to a short journey into HR automation.

In these 3 hours we will showcase how docuvita supports organizations: How a simple scan of the employee documents automates their archiving and classification into an electronic file structure; making them easily accessible, searchable, and traceable on demand. We will also see how docuvita integrates with Payroll, Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) and ERGANI to feed the employee data into these applications, automatically. Say goodbye to paper-driven HR processes!

We will come to realize how the role of the HR Administrator transforms into an operational flow development Consultant, and how this frees up time and space, offering easy-to-use information for more creative HR! Because in reality there can be no digital transformation without automated processes.

Event Agenda:

  • 18:00 Arrival and registration
  • 18:30 – 19:00 The challenge of Digital Transformation for HR departments
  • 19:00 – 20:00 docuvita document & workflow management system demo
  • 20:00 – 20:30 Q&A
  • 20:30 – 21:30 Cocktail


Maria Argyti is the Business Development Strategist for South East Europe at docuvita. She began her career with Armonia ERP Solution and moved on to Microsoft and Oracle, gaining a unique blend of experience at the intersection of sales, technology, and industries. She also established herself in the International Markets as a Business Development Expert. Being passionate about positioning modern technologies achieved remarkable results in introducing in the European Markets modern solutions like document management systems to resolve real-life business issues. Currently working as a Business Development Strategist for docuvita GmbH Co. & KG she is known for its sales track record, fostering strategic relationships & partnerships in EMEA region.

Helge Lenuweit is the CEO and founder of docuvita, a leading document management system in Germany and Switzerland that enables companies to harness the power of information deriving from documents. After graduating from Frankfurt University with a degree in Business Administration & Commercial Information Technology, he worked as a consultant and software developer for document management systems in enterprise companies. In 2004, after the .com crisis, Helge started docuvita. He had the vision to develop an affordable document management system, which can manage any type of document, coming from any source. docuvita has since grown into an Information & Workflow Management system with more than 62 partners in Europe.

Grigoris Lemonis is the Founder of Human Intelligence (HumanI), specializing in Executive Search but also HR digital Transformation. He is a seasoned HR professional with an Occupational Psychology Background and more than 16 years of experience in major Greek and multinational companies such Coca Cola HBC, ELBISCO SA, Hellenic Steel SA, Atlas Copco Group, and NGOs such as SCI and IRC with local and regional roles. Grigoris was also active in HR consulting as the head of Alpha Consulting Training and the BU Manager of Manpower Professional Executive Search. He has a true passion in the executive search of C- level and mid-level executives. A true believer in people’s potential and very much involved with the HR society being elected as a member of the Board of the Greek People Management Association and being the financial registrar for 6 years.

Register Now for November 7, 2019

Book your spot today, as spaces are limited! 

Venue: Triaena Business Centre, 1st Floor, Messogion 15, Ampelokipoi, Athens – Greece.

Available parking: Messogion 17. Price is 5 euros. Please mention that you come for the HumanI Event.

docuvita Partner Day 2019

docuvita Partner Day 2019 in Winterbeg


About 50 docuvita Partners followed the invitation to Winterberg for the Partner Day 2019. It was the 11th Partner Day in the company’s 15-year history and the location was once again unique. Winterberg is Germany’s largest ski resort north of the Alps and known for its bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track, which we have visited.

bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track in Winterberg, visited at docuvita Partner Day 2019


docuvita Software developer Sebastian Karbe (front) and Gerd Schäffer, CEO of Gold Partner docuvita solutions GmbH, took a seat in a professional race bobsleigh.


In the evening, the 15th birthday of docuvita was celebrated in a local craft beer brewery including a guided brewery tour.

Although we had a lot of fun, business didn’t come short. CEO Helge Lenuweit  showed docuvita’s development in the past year and looked to the future. In addition, the most important enhancements of the docuvita Document Management System were demontrated by software developers.

The close collaboration with our partners is a prerequisite for adding value to the docuvita Document Management System. Therefore, partners got the opportunity to present new solutions that work together with docuvita, for instance document recognition using Artificial Intelligence.

Guest Speaker Bernhard Lindgens from German Federal Central Tax Office is a specialist for tax fraud. He presented tax-relevant aspects of digitalization, e.g. the importance of process descriptions, digitization of documents and electronic invoices. A very important topic, which led to a lively discussion.

We are looking forward to the Partner Day 2020!

       Mike Sartissohn and his team  docuvita CEO Helge Lenuweit      new enhancements of the docuvita document management system were presented  guest speaker Bernhard Lindgens


docuvita Document Management Version 19.3 available

New docuvita document management version available


Summer vacation didn’t stop us from releasing the new docuvita Document Management Version 19.3, with one goal in mind: to improve document and data management so as to improve the performance of any company.

What’s New in Version 19.3?

Here is the overview of the most important enhancements:

  • We have reduced significantly the size of the SQL database by outsourcing the import Logs and metadata snapshots to a separate database file. Now, the import Logs are stored, in a separate file-based and encrypted external database file.
  • We introduce a New OCR engine (Tesseract) and have perfected the conversion accuracy of scanned documents to text.
  • As of this version, you can attach files from docuvita directly to Outlook.
  • You can call docuvita windows client application from intranets, URLs to perform searches in the archive or access documents.
  • As of this Version, documents stored in docuvita document management system can be shared with external e-mail recipients.
  • We have developed a New Module, LookupProvider (paid additional module). The LookupProvider enables the integration of external data sources at the field or property level. This means that data from any third-party systems can be conveniently used in object creation or keywording and in workflow tasks. The LookupProvider also supports filter and sort functions that can be used to represent external data. Neighboring fields can be used as filter criteria, or when selecting an external value (e.g. customer number), so as additional property fields can be filled with data (e.g. address) automatically. By creating custom plugins, any integration scenarios are possible (for example, access to REST services or XLS files, etc.).
  • We have improved the Click Profiler to transfer text from scanned or “digital” PDF documents into docuvita property fields with the click of a mouse. It can be used together with LookupProvider and works well with the new OCR engine to easily route incoming documents into the archive.
  • You can now view the full-text information of a document via docuvita.DocumentServices and also correct it via a version entry.

Feedback is desired

We want to constantly improve our products and services with every new docuvita Document Management version.

Of course, we also want to support you as well as possible in sales. We are also looking forward to your feedback and new inspirations in this regard.

If you have any questions or comments, we’re here to help.

6 Reasons Why SMEs Should Automate their HR Processes

Automating HR Processes in SMEs with a document management system.


In the previous article, we depicted that SMEs are labor-intensive organizations coupled with a lack of resources. This combination triggers the necessity of deploying a document management system. Business process automation is more crucial to SMEs to resolve the resources shortage. Let’s go deeper and review how a document management system can assist each department of the company and more specifically in Human Resources (HR) departments. To automate HR processes in SMEs is the goal, e.g. the employee hiring process. But how can you manage employee files digitally? How can you achieve regulatory compliance?

As part of a daily routine of running my small business, the most tedious and obligatory routine is managing employee documentation!

Especially in my case, I hire temporary personnel and I outsource the payroll processes to my accountant. By law, I am obliged to manage anything related to employee documentation onboarding and off-boarding. Until I implemented the docuvita document management solution, I managed all these documents in paper format. Meaning:

  • I had to sign the employee contract and collect all personal documents, retain them for five years after the contract expires!
  • Some data I should track include social security numbers, banking information and other sensitive data by law needs to be tracked in a system that meets certain compliance requirements. The paper format doesn’t meet this compliance requirement.
  • The physical storage was expanding exponentially.
  • I had to rely on my accountant for tracking documents, due dates or update employee files.
  • I had to copy all the documents and share them with my accountant, which is not the best practice security wise.
  • I couldn’t comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and more specifically making available the employee files with each employee and also securing the access and sharing of the employee data.

All the above may not look so serious. But these are time-intensive administrative duties. Apart from losing time you can lose big money, in case of a single mistake or mishandle brings about huge fines.

I am a person who tries to improve my productivity. I struggle with my company’s growth. I cannot lose time over managing processes and not in customer service and sales. I cannot afford to pay fines.

How did I automate my HR processes?

I leveraged the docuvita document system to automate HR processes in my business. docuvita offered me the high-functioning infrastructure I needed to digitize the employee documents and centralize them in one electronic repository, making them searchable and traceable. I captured via a scanner all employee paper documents and docuvita automatically archived and classified the documents in the corresponding files. I moved forward and integrated the document management system with the Accounting Application. This was the best decision I made. Now, docuvita seamlessly updates the employee data into the Accounting System. It also facilitates the sharing of employee files with the accountant without my involvement!

Now, any action that should be taken on those documents under law requirements is automated and there is no excuse not to meet deadlines. From signing an employee contract to announcing the employee hiring to employment organization or fires and document retention, I automated all processes!

No more physical storage, HR data are stored in digital format – safe and secure. docuvita offers a secure user-based sign-in, access to employee archives, databases and documents can be granted only to those with designated permissions. We back-up documents regularly on a secure server. In the event of an unexpected disaster, this means that the information critical to keeping my business running is always available.

Benefits of docuvita Document Management System to Automate HR Processes in SMEs

As any SME, my small company faces many different challenges. Daily dealing with a mountain of HR paperwork is the greatest challenge. Whether it’s a government-required form, or a signed copy of an employee agreement, HR processes include the collection, retention and management of vast amounts of employee data. I found myself dependent on outdated paper forms that not only wasting limited resources time — but putting my company’s regulatory compliance and employee security at risk.

The deployment of the docuvita document management helped me automate HR processes and overcome some of my daily challenges running my business.

Some of those benefits are:

  • Reduced physical storage needs, printing, and courier costs. I would say that I saved my company around 20% of my operational costs.
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance with Employee Laws and GDPR.
  • Increased productivity rates as I freed-up time from dealing with document management. I have calculated that I was losing 21% of my work-time to manage and share documents.
  • Eliminated data entry errors and lost or misplaced files associated with manual hiring processes.
  • Increased security and access to the documents anytime and anywhere.

The HR processes in SMEs are still manual and paper-based. The payroll systems offer no functionality towards managing the employee data. SMEs that are attached to paper-based processes risk getting fines and losses in productivity and competitiveness. A document management system doesn’t affect the culture of the business and the processes. It is easy to adopt and easy to use. It offers a way to automate HR processes in SMEs but also to automate other paper-based processes. This leads to many benefits, including better productivity, cost reduction and compliance, awareness of employees and effective collaboration.

Maria Argyti
International Business Development Strategist

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docuvita User Day Munich 2019

Optimization of Workflows in the Office of the Future with docuvita and Microsoft

The docuvita User Day Munich will take place at 27.06.2019 in the Microsoft Germany headquarters in Munich. Here we can take a look at one of Germany’s most modern offices.

Microsoft Deutschland Zentrale München

Main Topics:

  • Interesting talks about document management
  • Get to know new functions of the docuvita document management system, particularly workflows and approval processes
  • Share customer’s experience of working with docuvita


Program and Registration

International participants are welcome, however, the docuvita User Days are held in German.

The docuvita User Days are a great chance for customers and interested people to meet docuvita developers and receive first-hand news about the docuvita document management system. Here, participants can exchange information with other users about actual application cases and best practices for document management.

Anwendertag Bispingen 2018

Why should a Small-Medium-sized Company implement a Document Management System?

In her article, business development strategist Maria Argyti reports on her experiences with document handling and why a document management system has made her life easier.

Maria Argyti

If you are a director or owner of a small or mid-sized company wondering:

1. What are the critical factors for considering deploying a document managment system,

2. Automate manual business processes and prevent anyone from wasting time over processing documents,

3. How can a document management system help your company reduce operational costs

…then THIS ARTICLE is for you.

docuvita User Day Walsrode 2019

The docuvita User Days are a great chance for customers and interested people to meet docuvita developers and receive first-hand news about the docuvita document management system. Here, participants can exchange information with other users about actual application cases and best practices for document management.

Anwendertag Bispingen 2018

The User Day Walsrode will take place at 23.05.2019 in the Conference Hotel Luisenhöhe, right at the world’s largest Bird Park, the Weltvogelpark Walsrode.

Main Topics:

  • Interesting talks about document management
  • Get to know new functions of the docuvita document management system, particularly workflows and approval processes
  • Share customer’s experience of working with docuvita


Take part with us in a guided tour through the world’s largest bird park. About 4000 birds of 650 species live here – from the smallest to the largest and from the funniest to the most dangerous creatures.

Weltvogelpark Walsrode


Program and Registration

International participants are welcome, however, the docuvita User Days will be held in German.

The docuvita User Day München will take place in Munich in June. Details can be found right here at the website or soon on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why do Partners work with docuvita?

It’s probably not just because we are nice guys. More than 60 Channel Partners in Germany and Switzerland rely on our excellent Document  Management Solution. And we rely on long-term strategic partnerships.

We asked some of our German Partners, what they think about docuvita, and created Partner Testimonials.

Two of them, Mike Sartissohn and Gerd Schäffer, the heads of the docuvita competence centers in Germany, have been working together with docuvita for 12 and 5 years, respectively.

Mike Sartissohn, CEO of Sartissohn GmbH

Gerd SchäfferGerd Schäffer, CEO of docuvita solutions GmbH


Currently, we are looking for Partners in Hungary and Slovenia, e.g.

  • Value Added Resellers
  • Solution providers focusing on CRM, ERP or other line of business applications
  • Technology integrators
  • ISO, Compliance and governance consulting firms

If you are interested in becoming a docuvita Partner, check out our Partner Program and do not hesitate to contact us.

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docuvita is Ready For The Future

The docuvita document management system (DMS) has been successful in the German and Swiss markets for more than 14 years. Our mission “to reinvent how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) handle documents and automate business processes without any special skillset” was accomplished.

By now, we have supported more than 1000 SMEs in Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, Education and Healthcare to smoothly manage the digital transformation. What are the benefits they realized?

  • Reduced Costs: on average they decreased document-related costs by 20%-40% with docuvita.
  • Boosted Productivity: 30 to 60 minutes a day were freed up for each of their employees by eliminating manual tasks like paper management, finding and sharing documents internally and externally within the company.
  • Reduced Regulatory Compliance Costs: docuvita customers meet compliance requirements with ease and have decreased the related costs by 42%. docuvita customers are GDPR compliant by design!
  • Improved Process Efficiency & Controlling Costs: By automating business processes, our customers have optimized their approval processes for invoices, contracts or quality management processes and reduced their costs by 37%.


We are at the core of the SME DNA

At docuvita, we know that the digital divide is the cause of SMEs losing their competitiveness over the large enterprises worldwide. We also know, that this is threatening the very existence of the SMEs worldwide. This is why we offer a user-friendly solution that is very easy to use, affordable, highly adaptable and adjustable to every business process and any existing business application or hardware system. Our customers trust us because they realized that docuvita DMS can fit anywhere and the investment covers the needs of today and tomorrow.

Building on our competitive advantages and proven market success, we decided to expand our operations in Hungary and Slovenia.

docuvita document management system goes international


We count on Partners

docuvita is a team player. We fulfill our mission together with our Partners. Today we count more than 60 channel partners in Germany and Switzerland. Our partners are the ones handholding our customers, to customize docuvita to their specific needs. We do recognize that partners will be the prerequisite for our success in Hungary and Slovenia as well.

We look forward to establish business with partners in Hungary and Slovenia. More information about docuvita DMS and partner program can be found here on our website.

Contact us on LinkedIn.

docuvita – coming soon also available in Hungary and Slovenia. Stay up to date with the latest news on Twitter.