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The docuvita.Server is the core element of the docuvita document management system. It controls the document archiving as well as the storage and allocation of metadata in the database and ensures the integrity of the entire system. In addition, it manages the accesses of the clients and the interface products (e.g. docuvita.SystemLink and docuvita.AutoProfiler). The docuvita clients can store new documents on the docuvita.Server and archive or search, access and edit existing documents.

The docuvita.Server allows the definition of individual storage structures and access permissions. All accesses and changes are clearly logged to guarantee the long-term traceability of all activities at all times. The docuvita.Server is delivered with the docuvita.WebClient, which facilitates the work with complex document archives and can be used from any internet-capable device – no matter where you are.


The docuvita.Server provides a programming interface. It can be used by software developers to implement special customer requirements or to develop their own additional modules.

The docuvita.Clients also access this API what allows the development of an own client for our server. When required, seamless integration into external applications is possible.


The built-in docuvita.DatabaseService is based on a powerful, highly scalable database used to store and log all information.

In addition to the integrated database, the docuvita.DatabaseService also supports other database formats, such as PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL.


With the integrated full-text search from docuvita.DocumentServices, you can search the contents of all stored documents in seconds. The docuvita.DocumentServices include intelligent indexing of all stored documents and their metadata. This database is updated every time a document is modified. In a search, only this index is accessed, which reduces the search effort to a few seconds.

When it comes to finding documents, it is not only about speed but also about accuracy. For this reason, docuvita.DocumentServices makes it possible to search both the full text of documents (Word, PDF or scanned documents) as well as the document properties. You can create your own keyword fields for each document type – for example, transaction number, file number, document number or document type. All these fields can be included in the search, thus allowing an exact limitation of the search field.

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