docuvita Document Management Version 19.3 available

New docuvita document management version available


Summer vacation didn’t stop us from releasing the new docuvita Document Management Version 19.3, with one goal in mind: to improve document and data management so as to improve the performance of any company.

What’s New in Version 19.3?

Here is the overview of the most important enhancements:

  • We have reduced significantly the size of the SQL database by outsourcing the import Logs and metadata snapshots to a separate database file. Now, the import Logs are stored, in a separate file-based and encrypted external database file.
  • We introduce a New OCR engine (Tesseract) and have perfected the conversion accuracy of scanned documents to text.
  • As of this version, you can attach files from docuvita directly to Outlook.
  • You can call docuvita windows client application from intranets, URLs to perform searches in the archive or access documents.
  • As of this Version, documents stored in docuvita document management system can be shared with external e-mail recipients.
  • We have developed a New Module, LookupProvider (paid additional module). The LookupProvider enables the integration of external data sources at the field or property level. This means that data from any third-party systems can be conveniently used in object creation or keywording and in workflow tasks. The LookupProvider also supports filter and sort functions that can be used to represent external data. Neighboring fields can be used as filter criteria, or when selecting an external value (e.g. customer number), so as additional property fields can be filled with data (e.g. address) automatically. By creating custom plugins, any integration scenarios are possible (for example, access to REST services or XLS files, etc.).
  • We have improved the Click Profiler to transfer text from scanned or “digital” PDF documents into docuvita property fields with the click of a mouse. It can be used together with LookupProvider and works well with the new OCR engine to easily route incoming documents into the archive.
  • You can now view the full-text information of a document via docuvita.DocumentServices and also correct it via a version entry.

Feedback is desired

We want to constantly improve our products and services with every new docuvita Document Management version.

Of course, we also want to support you as well as possible in sales. We are also looking forward to your feedback and new inspirations in this regard.

If you have any questions or comments, we’re here to help.