docuvita is Ready For The Future

The docuvita document management system (DMS) has been successful in the German and Swiss markets for more than 14 years. Our mission “to reinvent how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) handle documents and automate business processes without any special skillset” was accomplished.

By now, we have supported more than 1000 SMEs in Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, Education and Healthcare to smoothly manage the digital transformation. What are the benefits they realized?

  • Reduced Costs: on average they decreased document-related costs by 20%-40% with docuvita.
  • Boosted Productivity: 30 to 60 minutes a day were freed up for each of their employees by eliminating manual tasks like paper management, finding and sharing documents internally and externally within the company.
  • Reduced Regulatory Compliance Costs: docuvita customers meet compliance requirements with ease and have decreased the related costs by 42%. docuvita customers are GDPR compliant by design!
  • Improved Process Efficiency & Controlling Costs: By automating business processes, our customers have optimized their approval processes for invoices, contracts or quality management processes and reduced their costs by 37%.


We are at the core of the SME DNA

At docuvita, we know that the digital divide is the cause of SMEs losing their competitiveness over the large enterprises worldwide. We also know, that this is threatening the very existence of the SMEs worldwide. This is why we offer a user-friendly solution that is very easy to use, affordable, highly adaptable and adjustable to every business process and any existing business application or hardware system. Our customers trust us because they realized that docuvita DMS can fit anywhere and the investment covers the needs of today and tomorrow.

Building on our competitive advantages and proven market success, we decided to expand our operations in Hungary and Slovenia.

docuvita document management system goes international


We count on Partners

docuvita is a team player. We fulfill our mission together with our Partners. Today we count more than 60 channel partners in Germany and Switzerland. Our partners are the ones handholding our customers, to customize docuvita to their specific needs. We do recognize that partners will be the prerequisite for our success in Hungary and Slovenia as well.

We look forward to establish business with partners in Hungary and Slovenia. More information about docuvita DMS and partner program can be found here on our website.

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