Key Advantages

docuvita – The Information Center

docuvita is a powerful, flexible and scalable document management system. It allows central capturing of your complete data as well as its standardization and clear presentation. docuvita is completely web-based. You get access to up-to-date information independent from your location and your device. Parallel storage of important documents on your laptop is no longer needed. Thus, docuvita offers reliable protection against forgetting or loss of data.

docuvita Dokumentenmanagement

Increase Your Productivity

With docuvita, you can search for documents more effectively and quickly – and you find the information you need in no time. docuvita reduces redundant data. There is no need to have the same data in parallel applications. In addition, docuvita helps you to optimize your workflows, strengthen collaboration in teams and work more efficiently and productively – with less effort.

With docuvita, you can improve reproducibility when creating and editing documents. This strengthens your position in customer and contract negotiations and facilitates decision-making. By reducing existing paper archives, you are getting one step closer to the paperless office. It makes you not only flexible, but also protects your data reliably from loss and unpredictable disasters.

Increase Security

Configurable access rules that are based on user roles and rights provide better protection against unauthorized access and data flow. You can secure important company data centrally and automatically with docuvita. This way, you are better prepared for failures and get back to full productivity more quickly. In addition, docuvita helps you to improve your organization’s compliance and to ensure that you meet all regulatory requirements for retention, data protection and information security.

There are many things that docuvita can do for your business. We look forward to showing them to you. Just contact us or have one of our docuvita-partners in your area to advise you non-bindingly.